Introduction Part 1

To diagnose student language proficiency, keep record of language development and report for Title III, you need at a minimum to maintain the following information for each student: grade in school, date of enrollment, and score information from the English language proficiency test that you administered.

One of the language proficiency measurement instruments is IPT. This is a family of normed oral language proficiency tests provided by Ballard & Tighe Publishers. These tests are normed to meet the standards of the American Psychological Association and require no outside scoring.

You may take an online training on the Ballard & Tighe Publishers website for the IPT Oral Tests, the IPT Reading & Writing Tests.

In this section, you will explore sample questions from each of the six levels of proficiency presented in the IPT II Oral Test. In the full scale IPT II Oral Test there are 8 to 16 of questions for each level.

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